Sunday, March 14, 2010

Moving is a ....

Bitch! That's all I have to say about that.

Friday, March 5, 2010

T-Minus 10, 38, and 102 days

I'm not good with changes. I like planning. I like lists. I'm good with organization. I like my routines. My dog likes my routines. It all works. You can imagine my internal struggle with not one, not two, but three changes coming up. But I do like some adventure. Some spontantaneity. A bit of stress. A really really small pinch of chaos. However, I think I'm getting more than I bargained.

T-Minus 10 days - We are moving! Well, we are actually moving twice but this is move numero uno. 

To save some moolah for Europalooza, we decided to move out of our place and into my parents until our bon voyage. While I am extremely excited for the trip, I am sad to say goodbye to my husband and I's first home. Nothing will ever replace our "first home." Our time here has flown by and even though it is just a little one bedroom apartment, it was our home. I love the area - it is so beautiful right now, like the hills of Ireland because of recent rain. It is a great location. It's just the right amount of space for two people, a dog, three lizards, a snake, a hamster, and a very resilient-carnival-won goldfish. It just worked for us. But now our cute little place is starting to empty out (yay for craigslist) and boxes are filling up every corner. I am so glad though of all the great memories because as of two Mondays from now, "Hey Hun, remember our first place?" will always trigger a smile.

T-Minus 38 days - As previous stated, bring on Europalooza!!!!

I just finished watching The Bucket List. A huge fear of mine is reaching a point down the road where I make a huge Bucket List. A few things, sure, a handful of things, fine, but I don't want to fill the paper. I'd like to think that during the course of my life, I don't pass up on doing, being, and seeing too many things.

About seven years ago, I wrote a list. It wasn't exactly a Bucket List but whatever, let's call it that. It had short term and long term goals and wishes for myself. I thought I had thrown it away but my husband, then boyfriend, found it and framed it for me - wrinkled wad of paper that it was. Anyways, I was looking at it the other day and I was glad to see that without even knowing it, I had done a couple of the short terms, nearly all of the long terms, and most of the wishes had become reality. Crazy how life just happens, right?

So what's this got to do with Europalooza? Visiting Europe is on the list and I am more than excited to cross it off. I'm so excited I could pee! Not only am I visiting Europe, but I can not believe I am going to visit every single one of the cities I have been dreaming about seeing since I was little. I know that a whirlwind, 2-4 days per city, rollercoaster of Europe might not be everyone's cup of tea but damnit, it's mine. Don't forget, I'm planning to share it here while I'm on the ride - got the app downloaded and everything.

Almost everything that needs to be pre-booked, is. Every single accommodation is reserved or booked, all major flights, all major trains, and even a couple of activities. Next, I'm planning on making some notes on things we'd like to see in each city and then just kind of pick things each day to do from that. I recently got an IPhone so no guidebooks are needed, every single travel document, reservation, and notes are safely stored in one 4 inch gadget. Technology spoils.

T-Minus 102 days - Move numero dos. We're moving to Dallas.

When we get back from Europe and after we've slept for a week, we are heading out to Texas. DH's family lives out there and it's cheaper than sunny Southern California so we thought we'd save a little money, have a little adventure, do something different, and spend time with his family for a bit. Our plan is to come back here in a few years because we really love SoCal. Come on, perfect weather all year round? No brainer but hard on the wallets of two recently married, 20 somethings.

So, three changes or two big changes and a huge seven week trip, you choose. It's hard to keep track of what is important to take care of and in what order - something for the first move, something for the trip, something for the second move? AH! Yeah, I'm not going to admit to having a nervous breakdown, or two, okay three in the last month. I wish I could just enjoy planning Europe but the moves are happening and while it is stressful now, I think the worst is over.

Jewelry related: Went to a show last weekend. Snagged some fun new stones. Hopefully, chaos will inspire me so look out for some new pieces!