Monday, November 30, 2009

We have a Winner!

Last week's giveaway - for any item valued up to $20.00 - from ended last night with a total of 76 comment entries!

After plugging in the numbers, here's what the random integer generator over at gave me:

Sooooo congrats to commenter Spamgirl for being the 22nd poster. Perfect for the week that just passed, her post was all about what she was thankful for!

Thanks so much to everyone who commented! For participating, I'd like to offer you 10% off an entire order in my store.

Enter the code GIVEAWAY in the "message to seller" when you check out with your Paypal account. I will refund you the 10% back via Paypal.

Thanks again & have a great week everyone. Oh, can you believe tomorrow is December? Are you ready for it? The start of the new month means a brand new special at

Wait for it....wait for it....

For December, every purchase at is 25% OFF! (I will refund your Paypal account within 24 hours of purchase)

Psst...for those that entered the giveaway, you could get 35% OFF an entire order at Just for ya!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday Sale - FOR THE WEEKEND! is having a 50% off sale for the next 24 hours weekend. 

Now that our bellies are full - its time for shopping before Round 2 tomorrow, right?!?!!

I actually did some Black Friday shopping today - on Thanksgiving - at Old Navy. They had some great deals and the crowds were minimal. I might brave Target and Best Buy tomorrow. I don't know - it could be dangerous.

Anyways, back to the savings at hand!

From now until 11:59 midnight PST Sunday, November 29th, every item in my shop will be 50% off - just indicate BLACK FRIDAY in the "message to seller." (Please note: The current monthly special, BOGO, will not be in affect during this time). Refund will be via Paypal.

Who do you have on your shopping list? Do you have mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend, fiance, wife, best friend checked off?

Also, Thanksgiving Giveaway is still going on until Sunday, November 29th at 11:59pm PST.  Check out  the details at for a chance to win any item in valued up to $20.00 for FREE!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's time for a GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy Sunday! I am sooooo excited for a very special meal coming up on Thursday - are you?

I LOVE Thanksgiving Dinner. I have lit-ra-lee been salivating about Thanksgiving dinner since before Halloween so no one bring up gravy, mashed potatos, cranberries, or stuffing okay? it's just cruel.

So I figured it's a special week, let's make it even more special with a giveaway!

For this one, one lucky winner will win ANY item from Tesoro Jewelry valued up to $20.00.

What's $20.00 and under you ask? Here's a couple visuals for ya.

Howlite Ring

Ruby Quartz Row Ring

Two Hearts Bracelet

Etched Wood Pendant

You can check out make items for $20.00 or less at

This giveaway will end Sunday, November 29th at 11:59pm PST.

How to enter - please include your email address in every comment you make:

1. Follow my blog and let me know in 1 comment.
2. Go to my Etsy store,, take a look around and tell me in a comment here what your fave item is.

Optional for extra entries!
3. Heart - 1 Entry
4. Buy an item from - 10 Entries (psst...November is BOGO month at so if you buy one item, you can choose another item from my shop for equal or lesser value for FREE)
5. Twitter about this giveaway (@Tesoro_Jewelry) - 1 Entry per day
6. Blog about this giveaway (include link to post on blog) - 1 Entry
7. Post a comment about this giveaway on your facebook - 1 Entry
8. Become a fan of TesoroJewelry on facebook - - 1 Entry
9. Comment on what you're most thankful for! - 1 Entry

That's up to 18 entries!

The winner will be picked by random # generator on Monday, November 30th. Check back then to see if you have won!

This giveaway is open to US & INTERNATIONAL participants.


Ellie's Escapades: 

Ellie's been settling in reallllly well. It feels like we have had her for years, not just 1 week.

Last night, Ellie discovered Jersey the Hamster. She stayed like this for quite some time. I wonder what she was thinking right?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ellie's Story

* Name change alert. I felt Nyla didn't fit her so she has been officially renamed Ellie *

These past few weeks, the Hubby and I have been itching for a dog. We thought it would be easy to find the perfect canine addition to our family but we had a few road blocks. It was really hard to decide on size and breed. Since we live in an apartment with only a patio, we decided on a small to medium dog. When we have a bigger place and a yard (oh the luxury of having a yard) we would like to get a collie, blue heeler, or shetland sheepdog. We adored a Schipperke and Shiba Inu (first time seeing and actually playing with the breeds) at a pet store but since we were fairly certain they were from a mill and the cost being the equivalent of a car's down payment, we decided to adopt. Also, I am mildly allergic to some dogs so only certain breeds were in the running. Our work was cut out for us!

We had visited a few shelters but was excited for the Petsmart's Holiday Adoption Event that was this past weekend.

I was sooo psyched that I was up bright and early to get there when the stores opened.

We arrived at one Petsmart and found...nothing :( No puppies, no dogs, no cats, no rabbits...nothing.  I found out that they weren't setting up until 11 AM - the event was supposed to start at 9 AM! We didn't want to hang around for so long so we went to the next Petsmart and they only had one agency up with ONE dog - a huge St. Bernard. He wouldn't be able to turn around in our place. 

Hubby had to go to work soon so we decided to head back home for some lunch. We live right next to an animal shelter so we thought we'd swing in and see if they had any new pups (we go at least once a week). We spotted a cutie (named Jenna) and she was so affectionate when I pet her through the bars that we asked to visit with her. I really liked her and she was a poodle mix so I didn't think I'd be allergic but I wanted to wait until my dad, a dog trainer, could come check her out. 

We went home and when my dad told me he couldn't make it out I was bummed. I was even more bummed ( I think I cried) when I called the shelter to see if I could put her on hold and they told me someone had already done so. Mind you, only about an hour had gone by. I was holding on to the thought that they might not adopt her but the shelter has a good turnaround with adopting dogs out  :(

We repeated the previous morning but called the Petsmarts ahead of time to make sure that they were participating in the adoption weekend and that there were dogs there right now. They all said yup and yup.

1st Petsmart - Got there at 11 AM but they weren't even set up. UGH!

2nd Petsmart - There were no tents outside and the place didn't look very busy. We went inside anyways and found one agency in a corner with ONE adult dog. One, again?! She was super cute but we wanted variety. The agency lady (who was not very friendly and answered our questions with a not so slight 'tude) said that the dog had 8 week old puppies and that her partner was at a Petco a few miles away with them. Excited about seeing some young-ins, we thanked her, gave a last pat to momma doggie, and hopped in the car to venture over there. Guess what we found? NOTHING! A Petco cashier said that the agency was supposed to be there but never showed up, didn't even call. At this point we were seriously annoyed. Hubs kept saying he just wanted to see some darn puppies. We were cracking jokes the whole time and were having fun but we were very disappointed. We assumed that there would be a more apparent effort by all of these OC pet adoption agencies to get the pets adopted out. 

We killed some time and grabbed some delicious Krispy Kreme donuts (mmm!) before heading back to the first Petsmart we went to. 

Back to 1st Petsmart - It looked like all 4 agencies were set up but only 2 had animals out to visit with. We visited with some pups but none of them caught our eye.

3rd Petsmart - Only 1 agency with some Chi pups and a really cute Cairn Terrier but the agency lady was talking with her coworker and didn't acknowledge our presence. We asked her a couple of questions but then she went right back to talking.

We called it a day after that but not before stopping by the animal shelter again to see if Jenna was still there. AND SHE WAS! It was still early in the day but they said to check back at the end of the day to see if she had been adopted. I called right at closing and they said she had not been adopted and she would be available first thing in the morning.


My dad came over first thing and we were at the animal shelter 10 mins before they opened. I saw a family with young girls and secretly hoped they didn't want to see the cute poodle mix Jenna. We immediately requested to see her and after a thorough inspection by dad the dog trainer - we adopted her! As we were leaving, we overhead someone else asking to see Jenna. I bet that if we hadn't gotten there first thing, Jenna would've been adopted out today. Of course she would, she's super cute right?

So... meet Nyla ("Neigh-la," had to rename because Jenna is also the name of my sister in law).P.S. She loves loves loves Nylabones. Ellie (she has been officially renamed Ellie).

She's doesn't have a lick of obedience in her but she's very smart and can almost sit every 3rd time I ask her. She's a huge cuddler. She's also pretty protective and quite a barker if anyone comes within 10 feet of me or DH (we'll be working on that). Haven't had any allergies around her so that's awesome. DH says that she's a good combo of me and him - low key & mellow like me but also energetic at times and silly like him.

I think she's perfect.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meet Nyla!

We just rescued a cutie from our neighborhood shelter. Meet Nyla! (pronounced Neigh-la). They said she's a 1 yr old Poodle/Terrier mix.

She's asleep right now after her exhausting and exciting day!


We had a crazy canine-filled weekend. Will tell the story in a bit but right now, I think DH and I are gonna take a cue from Nyla and nap!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Treasury, a Blog Review, and a Blog Featurette - Oh My!

This past weekend, I was super stoked to find that Tesoro Jewelry had 2 items featured in 3 places. Woohoo!

Etsian BurningMoon reviewed my cute Turquoise and Gold Nested Ring in her Holiday Guide on her fabulous blog Burning Moon's Inside Advice.

Fellow Etsian Little Prettlings has a wonderful blog where she posts Weekly Featured Products. My Two Hearts Bracelet was lucky to be apart of it this week.

And last but not least - I love me an Etsy Treasury! Etsian Vivilian was feeling the love this weekend and created a treasury about just that where she included my Two Hearts Bracelet! Check it out here!

I love Etsy! It is such a great community of artists. Thanks to Burningmoon, Little Prettlings, and Vivilian for giving some of my products some face time!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coming up for air

I think I'm back.

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. The Halloween Haunted House my teens group was putting together went off swimmingly and everyone had a great time (ie. had their pants scarred off!). Then, because I'm an idiot, I read the Twilight Saga series - again - and have pretty much been in that world for the last week. I'm ready for the movie.

Love it. Hate it. Cried. Laughed. What is it with that series that makes so many have PTD, "Post Twilight Depression"?

Anyways, I just read Hunger Games to fill the gap. Great story, definitely recommend!

Ya know, PTDalso makes you want to write a novel. I can't imagine sitting down and writing a story but I would love to create another world. I feel inspired!

Next year, I want to try NANO's National Novel Writing Month, which is always held in November. I think its a great motivator for closet novelists. Wanna do it with me?

I think I need an idea first.