Thursday, September 22, 2011


We went to Target today to get some Eggo waffles because our coupons for them were expiring, also because they are delicious.  (Jessica is an avid coupon-er/ money saver, she has many smiles one of her smiles is reserved only for saving money and clipping coupons.)
During pic taking

While walking in to Target we walked in to the dollar section and noticed they had dog costumes for Halloween.  Devil horns and angel wings for Red, easy pick!  Ellie on the other hand we had a dilemma, cheer leading costume or referee outfit?  We both instantly knew that Ellie is just too butch to have a cheerleaders costume.  Did we choose wisely?  Whatever, I know my dog and she is NO cheer leader. 
After pictures

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I need quotes people!

4pm came too fast today, we rushed to get all the packaging finished, and I was at the post office by 4:58pm (I was the last one in).  More keychains and bracelets going out today!

Keep Calm & Carry On
Any ideas for new quotes to be put on keychains, bracelets, pumpkins, butterflies, scalloped circles, stars, or hearts would be much appreciated.  I am constantly quoting things (quizzing Jessica) all day long, but it seems like when I sit down to try to think of a good quote for a key chain I got nothing!

Red snoring tells me its time to go out to the very disorganized workshop to start creating for the morn. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I (Brian) have commandeered this blog.  I now work full time with/ for my wife (well I say for she says with).  I must say my wife is an absolute genius.  This little one person company that she made has tumbled into a full on factory/ sweatshop.

Here is our daily routine:  -> wake up-> eat breakfast-> print out orders for the day-> start stamping-> post more product on Etsy-> ink, bend, put on key chains-> print shipping labels-> package-> drive 90 mph to the post office-> eat dinner- cut metal-> reply to conversations and emails-> go to bed.  

After looking at this list my lovely wife responded, "You don't do any of this."  To which I can only say one thing, "someone has to watch the dogs."