Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I (Brian) have commandeered this blog.  I now work full time with/ for my wife (well I say for she says with).  I must say my wife is an absolute genius.  This little one person company that she made has tumbled into a full on factory/ sweatshop.

Here is our daily routine:  -> wake up-> eat breakfast-> print out orders for the day-> start stamping-> post more product on Etsy-> ink, bend, put on key chains-> print shipping labels-> package-> drive 90 mph to the post office-> eat dinner- cut metal-> reply to conversations and emails-> go to bed.  

After looking at this list my lovely wife responded, "You don't do any of this."  To which I can only say one thing, "someone has to watch the dogs."     

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Anonymous said...

Best entry ever.