Monday, October 19, 2009

Barbecue Ribs: SUCCESS!

I've been a slow cooker fanatic this last week. When I left my day job, I chewed myself out that I had let DH and myself become so dependent on fast food and take out. I told myself that we would start eating at home more - for our health and to save money.

BUT, since my art classes and tutoring sessions don't get me home until about 7 at night, the slow cooker has quickly become my best friend.

Let's see, we've had sour cream chicken (pretty good, would do it again), chicken and stuffing (awesome), spaghetti (i've made this before, MIL's recipe, ridiculously good), and my latest triumph - barbecued ribs.

These were so simple I could have done it in my sleep. You must try it! Just get some country style pork ribs (I used pork spare ribs), your favorite barbecue sauce, salt and pepper, and you're set.

Check out the recipe here but really, it's so easy! Barbecue Ribs

Want a visual?


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