Monday, October 19, 2009's Free Jewelry Loyalty Reward Program

I just came across this amazing offer by Online Jewelry Store on the Giveaway Diva blog. Have you heard about's Free Jewelry Loyalty Reward Program?

Once you make a free account you can start earning points toward free jewelry.

Check it out – it’s free jewelry we are talking about here!

Also if you blog about this amazing program, you can get 30 gold points!!! So right off the bat, you are automatically able to cash in for an item on for FREE. 

Additional Ways to Earn Reward Points: Besides making purchase at, additional reward points can be earned by the following methods:
  1. (1) Write Review on Items you have purchased. No reward point will be granted to reviews on items you have not purchased - 3 Gold Points
  2. (2) Subscribe to our newsletter - 3 Gold Points
  3. (3) Blog about and our reward program. (see Submission form for more detail) - 30 Gold Points
  4. (4) Be a guest writer for our blog (Original article only). - 10 Gold Points per article
Check out all the eye candy at here!!!

I want theseeeee.

Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Embellished Cosmopolitan Hoops

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