Thursday, February 4, 2010

Also also also

This last week has been so crazy - actually, this whole year so far!

I was absolutely flabbergasted that I had 5 jewelry orders this past week! That is my busiest week yet and I am soooo appreciative of all my customers. Thank you!

I got a little busy and made some new bracelets and rings the last couple days. After a small photo shoot - I posted these lovelies tonight. Give them a visit if you like!





 ALSO! I am finally diving into my next project - making prints of my paintings. Step one - read my camera's manual so I can take good quality photos of my paintings. This is what my little point and shoot gave me. 

Yea, I really need to figure it out. I mean it looks okay but no great quality prints will come from it. I don't know about you but camera manuals, or manuals in general, give me migraines. I have a feeling Step one is going to take awhile. 

ALSO ALSO! Hubby and I are seriously (and I mean seriously) thinking of jumping the pond. That's right - tripping out to Europe. This has been my dream since...forever. Yup, "Paris" might have been my first word, I don't know, I'll ask my mom.I just can't make myself push that button to start booking it. I'll keep you posted.

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