Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekend Update

This past weekend was a nice whirlwind with many accomplishments. Some of my husband's family were in town and it was nice to visit with them. Saw Dear John (pretty good, cute) and did some awesome shopping on a rainy day - Old Navy's Item of the Week is such a good deal. Check out Old Navy Weekly, they post it every week.

Also! I had a jewelry order courtesy of Etsy on Sunday (so excited!).

Oh, and in other news, plans are officially underway for Operation Europe. I mean, we had decided but no $$$ was involved it. Boy is it now! As of this weekend, cruise out there, 1/2 of accommodations, and one overnight train are booked. There is still a lot more left though but I am loving researching it. Tripadvisor and Google Maps Street View are my favorite sites. I am practically drooling over all of the sites I looked up via Street View. I took a pretour of Paris - what! I couldn't resist.

Current itinerary you ask? 7 weeks of...
CA > Texas > Cruise to Barcelona > London > Paris > Munich, Germany > Salzburg, Austria > Venice > Florence > Cinque Terre, Italy > Rome > Athens > Nafplio > Rome > JFK > LAX> Sleep for a week

Anyone been to any of these lovely places? Pointers? Advice? Recs? I'm all ears.

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