Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Address update

It's the first morning of our first day of the next chapter in our lives. Over the course of last week, spent lots of time with family and eating all our fave -only -in -Cali food, packed all our nonsense into a not so itty bitty space, watched it get hauled away, stuffed our car with furry and scaley creatures and drove 25 hours to get here. It's official, we've moved. It pains me to type this but this always been a so cal girl no longer lives in sunny so cal. Blasphemis I know.

If you had told me 6 months ago I'd be here now and did all we did in the last 6 months I'd turn to you in a cheesy new yorker accent and say "get outta heeeeer". But, it all did happen, in a blink of an eye sadly. It's cruel that one can experience two moves and a ten- trips-infused -into -one adventure within a blink of an eye but I have a feeling when I am 80 looking back, that'll be the cruelest blink of an eye. But oh what a wonderful blink it will be and for this past one, was.

And halting the mid morning glow of philosophical pondering, I have to say i am very excited. Excited to be somewhere new. Excited to try new things. Slightly not excited about the area (while lovely, I did leave southern California and currently experiencing what it's like to be in my own personal grossly sweaty sauna). Excited to be experiencing it all with my husband. And most importantly, excited for barbecue.

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