Monday, June 7, 2010

Rome to home


Way way ridiculously late but here's the last of it.

So 3 priests are walking down the street in Rome... And thats all we got. This was a frequent sight while we were in Rome but we could never finish the joke out of "3 priests walk into a gelateria" or "3 priests walk into a pizzeria".

We were back in Rome for 2 nights so the first night we walked from our place near the Vatican to st angelos, over the bridge, to largo Argentina to see the cats (this time the place was crawling with cats)

And then to the campidoglio to see if we could find the lupus statue.

We saw a whole bunch of people walking around and taking pictures so we thought they were tourists and might lead us to the lupus statue. We followed them into a museum to the top floor but quickly realized we were in the midst of a wedding reception. We took a couple shots of the amazing view and quickly hurried out of there. However, Not before a couple of guards realized and hustled us outta there with apparent disapproval. Oh well, they didn't notice us going in and all signs were in Italian. Oops.

Finally found the statue hidden behind a building and about one foot high. Underwhelming right?

Bonus discovery: view of the back portion of the forum that we didn't have time to walk to before.

Revisited Spanish steps. Eyed an illegal LV bag.

The next morning we hustled with the mobs to st peters sq for the papal audience. It was very neat to watch and equally fun to experience with the huddled mass.

We left a bit early to beat the crowd to the Vatican museums. We literally ran down the street to beat a huge crowd.

Famous spiral staircase.

5 hours later we left and headed home. Went out for a final Italian meal around the block and then packed all our crap up after.

The next morning we had arranged for a shuttle to take us to the airport like before. The vehicle that came was pretty late and not the same car so we were concerned the whole ride it might be a scam or maybe we were just nervous from him going 220 kms down the highway. I guess it made up for him being late and We did need to get there early as everyone advises. But The place was absolutely empty and we had a good hour before the check in counter even opened.

We had a connection in Dublin which was a nice break.

Hello Ireland. Bye Ireland. I promise not to judge you on your airport food.

Even though it was a long long flight, because we flew aerlingus, it was awesome - private tvs, in flight meal, free snacks, blankets, pillows (so use to american air so this was such a luxury)

Finally inNY. We appreciated being in America so much after being gone for so long.

Grand central

Our flight got us into the city by 7 so by the time we got to our manhattan apt we just passed out so really no jet lag for us. By the next morning we were ready for our one full day in the big apple.

Started the day checking out battery park with a distant view of the statue of liberty, then to wall street, ground zero, up to central park, fao schwartz, down 5th avenue, Rockefeller ctr, times square with adventures in the subway inbetween. After riding many of the worlds most used subway/metro stations, NY has the worst.

That night

Empire state building. Slightly bummed we didn't go to the top.

Times square.

And that was it! There was definitely more we couldve done but we Had to stop or we wouldve dropped from exhaustion and probably dehydration.

Noon flight home on American air the next day. They suck. No amenities like aerlingus and we had to pay for our bags. Only redeeming thing for the whole turbulent flight. Chuck!

Made it home safe and sound. It was so great to be back home with my family and our puppy.

Our first meal? Mexican food please!

Yay! Home with the Jenk! We loved traveling and exploring new places but I definitely missed by girl.

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