Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured Seller: Squidooink/Somewearintyme

Thank you to everyone that checked out my new Featured Seller’s Featurettes and filled out a questionaire. I am so surprised at the response and I am so happy to be able to spread some creativity around!

If you would like a featurette and have an online shop, be it Etsy, Artfire, Dawanda, etc, check out becoming a Featured Seller!

On to my very first Featured Seller.....

From the Etsy community, we have Jen!

She is a busy lady with not one but two shops - Squidooink, where you will find a ton of assorted crafts and destash, and Somewear In Tyme, carrying delicate times past inspired jewelry/vintage items.

Here are Jen’s favorite items from her two shops: 

On A Wing steampunk earrings - SomewhereinTyme

I love the length and how it has wings and clock pieces in it.  Its so unusual looking to me

Giraffe says Love - Baby congratulations card - Squidooink

 I've always loved giraffe's and had to incorporate one in my shop somewhere :)” Me too! I hear giraffes and foxes are next!

Tell us a bit about yourself.  I'm terribly at these so here it goes.  I am as some tell me a "crafty oozing out of my pores" type girl.  I am always making new items, or writing, or reading.  Always doing something creative and sometimes I sleep.  My two shops kinda opened by chance I think, I never really intended to actually sell my work.  Shortly after being forced to move and having my heart broken I open Somewear in Tyme.  I don't think it would have ever opened if I hadn't had that happen to me.  Squidooink was created way before Somewear In Tyme but after I learned how to make jewelery. 

How did you start your craft?  I learned jewelry in high school and kept at it, ripping apart anything I could find and making it into jewelry.  Then a friend of mind got me into paper crafting, the rest is history ;) shortly after that I wanted to learn how to knit so I taught myself.

Besides creating, what do you like to do?
Read and write my own stories, I would love to have a story of mine published one day.

How do you promote your work? The etsy forums, anyone I met, I wear my work, or offer crafting services to anyone, spread my moo cards everywhere

Name your top five books, movies, TV shows, musicians, or websites. 

 InkHeart - Cornelia Funke
East - Edith Pattou
Lord of the rings trilogy - J.R.R Tolkien
I"m assuming that trilogy uses all 5 slots

Phantom of the Opera
moulin Rouge

Tv Shows
White Collar
Lie to me
Warehouse 13

The rasmus <3
Three Days Grace
Florence and the Machine
The Kin

What's next for you and your shop? Grow expand, make new unique items.  Make more cards, since I haven't done that in awhile, as for jewelry I'm trying out the domino/ picture frame pieces and enjoying that.   I'm hoping to show case my work in a market next year!

Thank You!

Happy sales to you Jen! I hope everyone takes some tyme to check her out.

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