Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Over so soon?

I think it hit me for the first time today. Summer is officially over..... sad face :(

I won't lie, there have been clues.
  • Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas decorations at Michaels (can you believe that, a little over 3 months away)
  • Its getting darker sooner
  • Seasonal allergies :(
  • Starting to look for flights for the holidays
  • and the biggest - MORNING TRAFFIC. Its like a thorn in my shoe that increases my morning drive from 30 minutes to 50-60 minutes.
And now, the real kicker, its getting colder.

On Wednesdays, my nephew comes over and he and DH go swimming in our complex' pool. Usually, I go swimming too or hang out and watch - and by watch I mean throw the kid in whenever I get the chance :0
But today, I opted not to swim even though the water was a toasty 84 degreesand had to adorn a light sweater. Can you believe that? A light sweater is so final.
To top it off, all I wanted to do was sit in here.

Well, bye Summer! We had a great run - birthdays, Vegas, first wedding anniversay (woohoo), Montana. I'm going to have to blog about all those to relive the memories!

Hello Fall! Can you beat Summer?

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