Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sharing Etsy Knowledge

When I get into something - I get into it. It's bad. I go to sleep, dream, and wake up thinking about it. Nothing else gets done. Food loses its taste. Colors fade. Ok, it doesn't get that bad. But it does consume a very good portion of my life.

But I'm not just getting into something this time, I'm making it my job. I am leaving my cozy office job to pursue my creative urges and explore artistic opportunities. Starting in October, I will be teaching, tutoring, painting, creating, ahhhh...I can not wait!

I have many many To-Do's until then but right now...

Current project - ETSY!

I've made pieces, taken photos, set up shop, and spent hours and hours scouring Etsy forums, threads, random blogs, trusty Google for everything and anything about advertising, promotion, shipping, pictures, and so much more. In just one week I've absorbed so much information that I feel bloated. That's right I'm bloated!

I have to share this information with everyone so get comfortable and be prepared to do some bookmarking

Piddix Unofficial Guide To Etsy - This is a pretty awesome site that Etsy shop Piddix has put together. You definitely have to check it out - you're going to learn so much helpful information on pretty much everything you need to know about selling on Etsy.

Product Advertising - courtesy of Etsy shop Nerd Girls Unlimited a very extensive list of sites of advertise your products on. I personally have not checked them all out because I started and stopped on Google Base and then decided to do this blog spot for the benefit of the people.

US Sellers - Shipping Domestic and International - Nice writeup from Etsy shop GoTo

Don't Be Afraid to Ship Internationally - Blog post by Etsy Shop Tinahdee about shipping sold items internationally. This was my savior when I had my first international shipment. I did every thing they suggested and had no problems. I would just like to add that when you fill out the Customs Form 2976 the attendant said to mark it "Other"

Great deals and freebies - Awesome blog spot about getting great deals and freebies from Etsy Shop BurningMoon.

How to set up a mailing list without having a blog - Etsy Forum Thread

How to make an Etsy Treasury - Courtesy of The Storque on Etsy

Etsy Renewing Experiment - This blog post is extremely helpful in you want to try something to boost your Etsy hearts, views, and sales. When my shop is where I want it, I plan to follow this blogger's advice (Etsy Shop ShopSomethingBlue)

I plan to post more goodies I find in my many searches in the future so check back!

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