Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chris' voyage by B

Being on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is an experience I will never forget! As I sat by on deck 12 of our massive cruise ship the voyager of the seas, I could have sworn I could hear the spanish songs that Chris Columbus and his crew sung as they made their way across this crazy stretch of sea for the first time. We are tracing his voyage only in reverse and in a slightly different boat. Life on board our ship can get a little dull but I'm sure it's a lot more lively than Chris's ship. There are shows and dinners rock climbing and ice skating gambling drinking and eating lots and lots of eating. If I even see another coconut cookie I may projectile vomit. The time changes every day at noon and jumps forward one hour as a result Jess and I woke up today at 3. And we went completely nuts last night complete with running around our room and screaming about how much we wanted some potato chips or good Mexican food this was also due to the time change as we couldn't sleep and the boat was rocking like crazy. But we are having a great time and deff looking forward to solid ground!

- B

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