Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 6-7: Cruise launch

After we got into Texas city on Saturday evening, we took a drive down to Galveston and drove around. It was nice to see the beach again and we saw some incredible buildings - some you could see were heavily damaged by hurricane Ike.

We strolled around the Strand - like a main street. Some people were lazy.

After eating ourselves into a food coma via olive garden we hit the hay. However, due to not realizing that we had retractable shades on our hotel window, sleep was eh, sporadic, atleast for me.
We arrived at the Galveston port terminal about 11:30 am. There was another ship in port, Carnival Conquest.

I was unable to snap a shot of our ship but believe it or not, ours seemed double in size.
Embarkment was super easy and fast. Security, check in, and that's it.
We couldn't get into our rooms until later so we checked out our floating hotel.
Up first, the main attraction, the Royal Promenade. Our room is actually one of the bad boys in the shot. I think it's better than an oceanview room - more centrally located, includes a bay window, and you can people watch.

Welcome buffet!

Ship-cuzzi 5790753/fitness center. The fitness center is crazy by the way- humongous!

B is very disappointed that Johnny rockets is onboard. He doesn't want to go there at all.

Mini golf course, inline skating track, and rock climbing wall

Main pool area

Formal dining room. Shhh I had major titanic vibes.

Crazy big movie and entertainment theater

Some time in our running around we got to get into our rooms. It is actually pretty roomy (more room pics on Bs facebook) and has a cute little couch area with bay window and desk. Psst-look at the mini couch! It's Gavin size.

We are minutes away from departing. Goodbye Galveston, onward to the Bahamas.

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