Sunday, April 11, 2010

Itty bitty space

So we are about 36 hours away from hitting the road for our trip to Europe!

While we have been diligently prepping, we still actually have to pack. Since we're only taking one backpack each, you'd think it'd be easy because there's not alot to pack. Wrong! Not a lot to pack but Everything gets scrutinized. We don't put anything in that we are not sure we'll wear or use atleast 5 times.

See what we have to work with?only the essentials (expertly rolled and stuffed) is going in these bad boys. This concept reminds me of a genie and his lamp. What do we know about packing for a 7 week trip that includes a cruise w/ formal nights? Pack for a week. Easier said then done.

Amazingly, Ellie fits just right. She's essential right?

I think she thinks she's essential too.

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