Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 1-6: Cali to Texas

So this week just flew by! I am so glad that for the next 7 weeks - no more riding in cars. Granted we will be spending ridiculous amounts of time in planes, trains, and automobiles (buses only). Atleast neither of us will have to drive.

Our week started off with an uneventful 2 day drive from Cali to Dallas.

We enjoyed some California landscapes until we hit Arizona.

Can you guess what we saw between Arizona and Texas? A while lotta nothing - oh, and new Mexico. So much nothing in fact I didn't take one pic. That couldve been because I was asleep for most of it.

We arrived real late in El Paso, grabbed some Taco C (with a side of the craps for later), and hit the hay.

Hung out with our good friend J in the AM and then hit the road again. Oh, waved to Juarez Mexico on the way out. Again, saw nothing.

Except, we passed through this k-gnarly storm cloud. Had some serious Twister paranoia.

After 12 long hours, a Sonic run complete with Dueling Cats - the show, we finally made it to B's moms house.

Day 3 through 5 were spent hanging out with fam, shopping for last minute stuff for our trip, chasing/looking for dogs, laughing, and very importantly, a trip to mcallisters for my favourite sweet tea.

Day 6 - in a car...again.

This time on route to Galveston. This drive was very pretty with lots of pastures, blue bonnet and Indian paintbrush flowers, and ominous solo trees.

We had a great pitstop lunch with family friends of B and his mom in the city of.....I don't know, where Texas A & M is.

Passed through Houston

And then made it to Galveston.

Tomorrow begins cruising time. It's going to be just grueling.

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