Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 11: Nassau, Bahamas

So posts are going to be out of order but if you really want to know, Days 7-10 were sea days. Therefore, we slept, ate, siesta'ed, swam, napped, ate, napped, repeated as needed.

Right now we are in Nassau Bahamas. We didn't get a chance to take any pics as we had our underwater camera. So this is our view while lunching. Pics will have to be posted later.

This morning we snorkled. We saw so many fish-more than anywhere we've gone before. At the last stop we snorkled with sharks. Yes! I went in but I stayed by the ladder. B was the first in, last out of course.

We only had a few hours to shop and I was in desperate need of shorts so we hightailed it back to our ship (1 of 4 in port and the biggest, pic to come). We bypassed all the free food on board and opted for a local lunch. Conch fritters were wildly offered but us budgeters did the fixed menu at a tourist filled place. What do u get in the Bahamas for lunch? BBQ ribs of course w/ spiced seasoned fries. I gotta tell you, best BBQ sauce I've had in a while.

Best $10 we've spent in a week (only $10 we've spent in a week.

Back to sea for FIVE whole days. @),?!$?)$

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