Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lost at sea: Day who cares

So someone somewhere neglected to tell us that five days at sea really means five rough days at sea. As soon as we left Nassau, we left nice calm Caribbean waters and entered yucky stormy Atlantic twenty foot swells. Proof?

That was the first day of the five day at sea stretch. here's day four

Our captain puts it as "there's a little motion in the ocean". Yea, a little motion in the ocean my ass! Everyone on board has adopted the Jack Sparrow walk. Well the rum consumed could be helping with that. It's so bad I can only describe it as like sitting on a teeter totter 24/7.

Also Everyday included a lovely time change (1 hr forward) to mess with our minds just a bit more. So The days pretty much blended into one long day. One day, heeaven knows which day, we slept until 3 in the afternoon. This could have been because we lost our minds the night before, I don't know. We couldn't fall asleep and it was 4 in the morning. I remember doing jumping jacks, wanting chips desperately, (not Indian chips which are readily available on board but junk food chips - pringles, doritos, cheetos, CHEETOS) threatening to play ding dong ditch, and watching Julie & Julia for the 5th time on board.

Eventually we fell into a routine on one of the days - up by 11, breakfast, nap or if we didn't feel like puking some activities, watercolor class, cards, snack, work out, swim, dinner, sleep. And if you're wondering, I believe massive upchuck found me on the 6th night - the beginning of 20 ft swell waters. Even B felt nauseous. All these old people really have their sea legs. Ah yes, old people.

I believe we are in the 20% that is under 50, except for the crew they seem to all be our age. And there's only a handful of 50-65. It's a sea of gray! We made one friend, this little bird is a world away from home and found solice in this tree. He was on board for days. See him?

Anyways, We have met our old people quota. Most are friendly, few want us the heck outta their way, and some ignore us. They are entertaining though, especially when they are "partying". This is the ship where the old feel young again I'm sure. The crew has done an excellent job of keeping us all busy. All of the amentities are a blast.

Can you spot B?

Even the ice show was really good despite some performers falling because of the motion. Very impressive considering the conditions.

One of our favorite daily treats have been our towel friends customized by our stateroom attendant. Usually we get cute bunnies, dogs or elephants.

But one night we walked into this

B had his arms full and was so startled he almost dropped it all. We were both hysterical. Fine not that funny but you had to be there. A bat towel, it's just not normal!

Our actual favorite thing is eating. The food, which is plentiful in unnatural quantities, is great. Dinner dining is quite the experience and we will miss it dearly.

The captain just warned us that we may not make the Azores port of call because swells are very high in the port. If we don't see land we are going to lose our minds!!! Seriously. Not kidding. We are prepared to jump.


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