Friday, May 28, 2010


Our travel day to Athens.

Our b&b host in Rome called us a shuttle and they were here bright and early for our 11am flight.
At the airport, Everything went according to schedule except as everyone was boarding they stopped boarding and sent everyone back to the gate. We were told a couple of different things about what was going on - someone mentioned tequila, I don't know. It was alright though, we'd be rushing sort of all morning and it was nice to just sit. We chatted with a family from Canada for awhile and about noon we were able to board. After clearing to board, most people were shocked to see this - a bus to whisk us to our flight. A first for us.

on board, We were told that a crew member had a family emergency and that they had to find a replacement - we assumed the pilot or co pilot. Unfortunately we weren't right off as there was a line for take offs. Ohwell, we weren't in a rush. In the end we got into Athens only an hour after we were originally supposed to because the flight was shorter than advertised.

The airport had the metro connected to it so after about an hour we were in the city center. I knew that our b&b was close to the acroplis but we were surprised at how close. It was such a good location. We were pretty much in their city center with all the restaurants and shopping - the Plaka.

The view of the acroplis from our balcony.

We walked around the plaka and window shopped. We ended up walking all the way around the acroplis. We saw a bunch of people on a hill right in front of the acroplis so we made our way over to investigate. After a couple of wrong turns and a oh so fun uphill, we climbed up and were so surprised to find this view. No wonder.

Athens looked sooooo packed. I guess a city that old would have such a population.

We had eaten a great dinner of Greek salad and gyros earlier so we grabbed some snacks and B wanted to try ouzo. Our place had an awesome rooftop that was surprisingly empty (the lobby however with wifi was packed with all of college kids staying there) and watched Athens and it's acroplis glow.

The next day we started early even though both of us were not in great shape. B was feeling horrible (shhh- too much ouzo for him) but we got it together. and headed to the National Archaeological Museum. Very cool. It was also a chance for us to see more of athens than the cute plaka area. Now I see where people get that Athens is dirty and a little sketchy. Again. Not surprisingly considering the city. We had no problems though and it was all fun.

It was supremely hot so we headed back to our b&b to finalize our transportation to nafplio the next day. Then we headed to the new Acroplis Museum. This museum holds the artifacts that were found at the acroplis and the surrounding area. 5 of the 6 Karyatids (famous lady statue columns that use to be on the temple next to the Parthenon) were on display. They really were something and it's too bad the 6th was missing (British museum has it). The really cool (but unnerving for me) thing about this museum is that it is built on ruins and there was clear flooring everywhere to show it.

We also stopped in their restaurant that had a great view if the acroplis for sandwichs and our first of many Greek yogurts. Delicious.

We hadn't cooled off that much but we had to go to the acroplis and roman agora before time ran out.


Walking around the roman agora and up the acroplis was amazing. We walked around, explored and lounged on probably the very places that some of the greatest people of ancient times walked, explored, and lounged on as well. I spent the whole day imagining how things had looked back then in all it's glory. It really is amazing how much is still left, preserved after all this time, for us to see.

We spent the rest of the night having dinner and shopping in the plaka.

We had originally planned to break up our bus to nafplio and stop in Corinth but unfortunately it was too complicated with back packs so we slept in late, walked to hadrians arch and the temple of Zeus and had some breakfast. Greek yogurt, omelet and a Greek frappé which ive had too many of already and its only been two days. I'm pretty sure they have them in the states but I'm not a coffee drinker so I don't know. I don't know why I like them so much but they are awesome.

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