Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 22: the rain in Spain

5/3: Barcelona

We only had one full day in Barcelona so despite pretty consistent rain, we hit the streets.
We went to las ramblas and got an umbrella from h&m. Shouldve gotten two ohwell. Headed straight for the boquiera market.

I had read that a great tapas bar called pinoxto was there.

It was three people deep but we got some seats. We got this warm chickpea and balsamic vinegar salad and croquets. Muy bien!
The market was unlike anything I've seem. Stands for every good imaginable. Full slabs of meat, full pigs, full octopus, lamb heads, rows and rows of fruit veggies and chocolate. The colors and smells were overwhelming (except the seafood area that was overwhelmingly stanky). We grabbed some pure fruit juices for a euro on the way out (a maze ing) and headed to park guell.

Got lost. The park was very cool especially in the rain but we were getting numb so we headed to our neighborhood. When we got home we found that the building had lost electricity. Interesting.
Our host had rec a restaurant a few blocks over called tossa. I had a language issue with our waitress and hamburgesitas and hamburguesa but whatever, incredible food. We had empanadas, bombas, hamburguesas, patatas fritas, and more. B also tried their local beer speciality and said it was one of the best beers he's ever had. Started to head home Still Raining No electricity still. :(

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