Monday, May 17, 2010

Paris by B

What an experience! I was personally not looking forward to this city- I had low expectations. For the most part I was pleasently surprised with the city. The people there seemed friendly, i had heard so much about them being extremely rude but this was def not true at least in my case. The history in paris is very very rich, and a little confusing. I guess I am ignorant to a lot of other countries rich historical backgrounds. One of the highlights was seeing notre dame it was enormous, and gorgeous it's hard to even fathom them building that place nearly 800 years ago! The louvre was also incredible, NOT the Mona Lisa part, but they had an incredible collection of early Mesopotamian artifacts and steles. One in particular the stele of mishak peaked my interest because the bible references this king many times in the book of 1 kings. One painting that caught my eye was John martins pandamonnium check it out online if you get a chance it's amazing! We did our fair share of walking around Paris but it was the biking that really made it interesting, they have bikes you can rent for 30 mins free and they are all over town it's great! Although if you thinking walking in Paris is crazy crowded and scary biking is even more so, one time I looked at J and she was peddling very casually and there was a double decker bus right behind her haha. Crazy, crazy but all in all Paris was a lot of fun I wouldn't go back to the city perse but deffinately to the country side of France, or maybe a different city.

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