Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day31: Munich

We started off the morning by getting over to marienplatz to watch the glockenspiel do it's thing. Tons of people were waiting for it. Not so promptly at 11ish (a dude has to start it) it began. It was slow but pretty cute. The best part was the joust.

After, we tried to find the hofbrauhaus because B wanted to look at it. Passed some cute little streets along the way.

Then we headed the long way to Englischer Gardens. The city was closing off streets and setting up booths for Ascention Day so it was a busy walk. Traffic and detours everywhere. We finally made it and found some surfers. The water was ice. Crazy to find in the middle of the city. Later on a little kid was doing it and he was good.

Strolled into the Englischer Gardens.

Had some lunch at the beergarten near the Chinese tower.

Right before we had lunch, we ran into the couple that we met from the night train. Small world. They told us they had hiked this tower earlier for a euro each and that it had great views. So, after lunch, we headed for it. The climb up was ridiculous. Too many steps and you could see down through them so i had weak knees. The view was incredible even though I was glued to the inner wall.


We climbed back down and saw that all the prepping for the festival was complete and booths were open. Grabbed a steaksemmel - yum YUM!

We walked up the streets and down and found lots of realllllllly good bands/musicians playing for the huge crowds. This reggae band was incredible.

The festival realy kicked off when the night set in. The streets were packed.

When we were chowing down on some fresh fried desserts we got from a booth, we ran into the couple from the train again. In the mess of thousands of people, it really was a small world. We chatted about our days and all the good food we've all tried, candles were being passed around. All of a sudden, it was quiet, lighted candles held up, everyone faced a main stage a block away and they all just started singing in perfect unison. Everyone. It was something magical.

Then it was over like that. The crowds dissipated and just crowds around performers remained who were great as usual. This band really went all out in their performance - having the crowd like sparklers.

Then back to the hostel where we did laundry until 2 am. Small sacrifice for clean clothes.

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