Monday, May 31, 2010

Nafplio Greece


We had a pretty 2.5 hr bus ride to nafplio which is a peninsula town on greeces mainland in the south east. The town is really small with a great harbor boulevard and a sandy/pebble beach on the the other side. There is also a fortress up on a hill overlooking the town and one in the mid of the harbor. The town boasts a Venetian feel (previously inhabited) with narrow streets and small shops and restaurants.

Our b&b was really nice with a great view of the cute streets and an airy balcony. We were on the top floor with a pointed rafter ceiling at the top of a super narrow wood staircase so it was like being on a treehouse.

Our three days there were pretty much identical.

We slept in then ate on the balcony.

We went window shopping then ate gyros.

We went to the beach for a few hours.

We napped

We strolled around the mountain on it's cute cobblestone path (only 2nd and 3rd night).

At night We took lots of pictures and strolled.

We ate. I miss Greek yogurt right this second.


Cute little kitten at the beach that was mama-less. She seemed looked after by everyone that went to the beach as we always saw food or drink around her.

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