Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cinque Terre


We were booked to stay in CT from 5/22 on but when we changed our plans in Florence we called our soon to be b&b host, grazia, to see if we could come earlier. Sadly for us, good for her, she was full. She was so helpful though and arranged for us to stay with her neighbor, a very sweet old lady. Grazia even picked us up from the train station and took us to her neighbors who didn't speak a lick of English. Our room was more Like an addition to the house with a external bathroom and sitting area. It was clean and nice but smelled horribly of mothballs so we have nicknamed the place just that. I think a week later and our clothed still smell like mothballs.

The surrounding area.

We dropped off our stuff and went into town for dinner but decided to just get gelato. Our town, levanto, is a very cute beach town. It's not in the famed five towns of CT (monteroso, vernazza, corngelia, manarola, and riomaggiore) but the town right after. I think it's better than some of the others. It had a cute beach promenade and sandy beach. Monteroso was the only other sandy beach.
We had gelato and caught the tail end of the sunset. How nice.

Next day we went straight to monteroso. Had some lemonade and sangria at a cute promenade bar. The lemonade was fantastic - ice with straight lemonade and sugar.

Then we plunked our butts at the beach and stayed their allll afternoon doing nothing.

Back in levanto, dropped our clothes at the laundromat near the promenade and had dinner. The area is known for their pesto so I had to try some. Best pesto I've ever had.

The next day we were able to move into grazias. She had let us have breakfast at her place even though we weren't staying with her yet so we were already familiar with her place. They are a agriturismo and are growing strawberries and green beans right now. Her property is pretty large with a couple fields, two huge greenhouses, and the house which is more like a villa. She also has 20 cats, 5 dogs, a pony, lovebirds, bunnies, and a whole slew of chickens. It was too fun hanging out there.

This guy whose name I forget but she said the word in Italian for bowling ball. He was a love and always always trotted to the fence when you were coming and going.

B got a little too much affection from this cat. They have an inappropriate relationship.

We jumped on a train to vernazza and B went rock jumping and swimming.

Spot him scaling the wall?

Our last full day we went to manarola to do the del amore walk to riomaggiore. It was really beautiful and there were locks everywhere hung from couples over the years. Some looked decades old.

this was my birthday eve do we went to a beachfront restaurant we'd been eyeing inl levanto. One of their rooms was empty do we sat in there and had a nice quiet peaceful dinner watching the sun set. Also had my first chicken dish in a month. Ah it was wonderful. Then gelato. Then packing up for our early morning to Rome the next day.

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