Friday, May 28, 2010

Paris to salzburg by B

We took a night train from Paris to Munich and it was quite a ride. It's about 10 1/2 hours and while we booked a couchette with beds they are deffinately not the comfiest kind of beds, especially if your 6 ft tall. Needless to say by the time we hit Munich I had gotten a grand total of about 3 hrs of not great sleep. It was cool though because we met this other couple from PA that was traveling around Europe as well we got to talking and found out that he had just proposed to her under the eiffel tower in Paris; how exciting! We checked in to our hostel in Munich and since we couldn't get in our room till 2 we decided to go see the first of the Nazi concentration camps in Dachau, Germany. It was an amazing musuem and exhibit and a very sobering place. I believe very strongly that these places should always be remembered and taught to children and our childrens children so that this kind of atrocity will never be repeated again. Some people I think blame God for the worst things that have happened in human history, but the truth of the matter is that God was not behind these torturings and killings, we were.

That night we got ahold of one of my friends from high school who lives in Munich and had a couple of 1 liter beers together at the augustiner beer hall. The next day we went to the englischer gardens and watched a bunch of people surfing in the middle of the park on a quickly flowing river. Surfers have such ingenuity when it comes to finding waves. The gardens were beautiful and the food in the park was delisioso! We came back and saw that they had been setting up some booths on the streets for what we know is ascension day. There were tons of booths and we thought they wouldn't be open until they day we left but they opened that night and some of them had food others had games some were Protestant others catholic it was amazing to see these two faiths come together in this way! We tried lots and lots of food it was all so yummshis. The thing that really impressed me though was munich's kicking music scene, they had tons of musicians lining the streets playing regae and folk and almost all in English great stuff! All the people were really happy and upbeat, the festival in a whole was a major highlight of my vacation thus far.

The next day we went to slazburg Austria this train ride from Munich to Salzburg was great! The scenary was absolutely gorgeous and when we got to Salzburg the scenary there did not disapoint. Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart and where he spent some of his time, so we went to see the house where he lived. It is pretty amazing to think that such a young boy could compose such amazing things! Salzburg was an amazing place all in all and they too had some kind of music fest which was also great. Good old Bavaria and there music scene who would have thought? And the food here was incredible so much so that we went out to eat at the same place every single night! I am pretty sure I have never had a better restaurant experience and I think I tried everything on the menu good stuff!!! The only negative about this city was the weather it was chilly like 38 degrees chilly and a little rainy but it made it very nice to be inside enjoying great food.

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