Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 19: Spain!

4/30, Malaga Spain

This was officially the start of our trek around Europe even though we were still on the ship. As a result, I was too frickin excited and did not sleep one wink. I'm not exaggerating. I saw the minutes tick by. At around 5:39 am, I decided I'd just wait to watch the sun come up. I figured itd be nice for Spain to introduce itself to me that way. At 7, I got up and tried to sneak past B without waking him but I had a fit with the noise and made a ton of noise. We went out but there was a huge (beautiful) hill blocking the sunrise :( oh well, still nice.

Good morning Spain!

We walked the 3/4 mile to town. Saw some interesting things along the way. Boats we wanted to steal. Cats basking on cars. Huge dumptrucks and trains (construction on port).

Dad, what kind of fish are these?

We wandered around the streets again. The city was very busy and There was a ton of very eurochic people walking around. We toured the Picasso museum (Malaga is his birthplace) which was very nice and refreshing to see his earlier work (before it got Picasso-y). It is a very pretty city. Lots of trees and great looking streets.

We saw that one hill had a very commanding fortress so we checked it out. Great views of the city and they were excavating a roman theater - cool.

For lunch, we checked out an extremely busy tapas bar. Again, gastronomically fantastic. We got paella, a patatas omelet with queso, and a hamburgesita. These hamburgesitas arent american burgers. They are just bun and meat and if you want cheese. Someone tell me how they do it. The meat, how they cook it of spice it, so delicious. Washed it down with some fantastic sangria. I'm not usually a fan but it was muy muy bien.

Then went back to the ship. The walk back was brutal and I was really crashing from no sleep so I passed out. Buffeted it for dinner (surprisingly great Greek food that night) and then walked around the ship.

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