Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 28/29: paris: laundry and waffles

5/9 sun
5/10 mon

The previous night we found wifi at quick (while enjoying beignets) and hurriedly looked for a laundrymat near our place. Our essentials had been washed over a week ago on the cruise but some not for 3 weeks. So, we actually got up early, walked the 5 blks and -angels descending from heaven commence singing please- we did laundry. We were very very excited. B and I had never worn a single pair of pants 8 days in a row. Yes, I know, gross.

We had passed a small deli around the corner so with our clothes lathering it up, we went to check it out. I was thrilled to find a creperie station and we each got one. One came with coconut and made that crepe the best I think I've ever had.

Then. Yay fresh clean clothes.

On our way out, we also got a panini from that deli which was excellent. Paris knows how to do their pastries desserts and sandwiches.
For the afternoon, we planned to go to giverny to see monets gardens but by the time we got to the station it was too late. It was also pretty expensive for a couple hour trip.
We were in the montmartre area and found that moulin rouge was near so we walked. Looks a bit different that I imagined.

Classic metro signs. Creepy.

Headed back to the tuillerie gardens because the louvres carrousel (big shopping center with a huge apple store) had wifi. Before heading to the apple store, we got some gauffes (big Belgian waffles with toppings). They almost, or sorta did, put crepes to shame. Ah nutella and chantilly. Paris gets the award for best use of nutella.

Headed to the louvre carrousel but was distracted but this crowd/parade congregated around the Joan of arc statue.

Waiting for something? The longest line of cops, and police trucks cars and vans we've ever seen.

After enjoying some wifi, we walked the straight line from the louvre through place de la Concorde down champs élysées. It took about 2.5 hours but it was really nice. Got to enjoy our fave parts one more time.

Monday was a free for all day. We had chocolate pastries for breakfast and then on to the pere lachaise cemetary (where Morrison is buried).

Walked down to the marais neighborhood after.
Awesome music shop we saw along the way. Incredibly old instruments - very well preserved.

Hung out at place de Vosges. Experienced my first automatic streetside portapotty. It was complicated what with the 4-5 stages it goes through.

#6- victor hugos place. Think he wrote Les miserables by that window?

Very spontaneously, we took the metro to Concorde again. Guess what we had? Gauffes!!! We would have regretted not having another one for the rest of our lives, I just know it. All we had had that day was chocolate pretty much so we got a jambon fromage crepe quickly followed by a nutella chantilly gauffe and a strawberry chantilly gauffe. We were completely nauseous after this but it was worth it. And our view wasn't bad either.

Metro'd home. This time a guitar player? Grabbed our stuff and headed to the train station. We got there an hour early and it was a good thing because the ticket machine would not give us our tickets due to our American credit cards. Took 30 mins to get through actual ticket booth. We quickly grabbed a sandwich and shared with some train birds or rather they just flew in and stole crumbs.

Next is Munich via overnight train. Should be interesting.

So, so long Paris. Here's what we know:
1. Entertainment on the metro is frequent by performers and/or beggars. They are actually really good. We saw a singer, a trumpet player, and a guitar player.
2. Some Parisians are not big into throwing things in the trash - like soda cans.
3. They make pastry and desserts very very very well.
4. They have the cutest dogs.
5. The cutest dogs are allowed to poop anywhere they want and that poop stays there - forever! If I had a euro for every pile of dog poop I saw, I'd be 1743 euros richer.
6. Bread and sandwichs are fantastic.
7. English is widely spoken surprisingly. Not everywhere or everyone but quite a bit.
8. Very fun yet dangerous to bike around.
9. Most police visible than any other city I've been too. Ever.
10. Exceptional museums.
11. Wifi not widely public. Look for Quick and Apple stores.
12. Lots of smokers.
13. Great window shopping.
14. Kinda expensive.

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