Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 20: May Day in Cartagena

5/1, cartagena Spain

We docked here around 7am and only had a few hours in port. Since it was may day, kinda like our labor day, we went out around 9 and just wandered. We saw a friend from our cruise walking back to the ship and he told us that he had been late to the ship the night before and it left without him. So crazy, he had to take buses and trains through the night to Cartagena.

In our wandering, we found another roman theater and quiet placas. One building was open so we peeked inside. I think it's their town hall.

We also tried some crazy good chocolate y churros. Bs got the photos.

After, we walked up their beachfront promenade and then it was back on board.

This was our last night on the ship so we went to dinner, said goodbye to friends we made, went to all the farewell shows and parades, played bingo (we did not win the $6000 jackpot!), and played in the casino ( B tried blackjack for the first time!). Barcelona tomorrow!

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