Sunday, May 2, 2010

More sea days for funner

After Portugal, it was back on the sea for two days. I wish it had been longer because we had sooo much fun. We were in very calm waters so we took part in as much as we could. We miniature golfed it, did some art, B was part of a vollyball tournament (and won), went to some shows, ate all 3 meals and went to the dining room (yum)!, and "played" in the casino.

Travelocity had given us a nice credit for booking w/ Amex so we splurged and had fun and used their ridiculously expensive laundry service. One night, I had a bit of luck and won a variety of gifts at 007 trivia (shirt, casino cards, free bar drink, and match play vouchers). I won at roulette with my last voucher. Woo !

On Thursday night/Friday morning, a ton of people and us included hung out on the ships helicopter pad while we cruised by Africa. It was past midnight, very cold, very windy, but very cool. It had been foggy all day so it was likely we wouldn't see any land but there was almost a full moon that lit up the landscape just enough to see Morocco on our right and Spain on our left. We really couldn't make anything out but we saw lighted hills and most of the boats in their waters. Most tried to wait for Gibraltars rock but we just couldn't see clearly enough and so we went and hung put in the royal promenade cafe. About an hour later we overheard someone say we were passing it so we went outside and we were passing the gibraltar lighthouse. It was pretty cool.
Poor camera just couldn't do night shots.

It was 2 in the am at this point and we are going to be in Malaga Spain at 7. Let the games begin!

Pelican poo anyone?

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