Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Barcelona to Paris by B

Barcelona to Paris

Barcelona is an amazing city, but I am a little confused as to what language they speak. The other cities in Spain I was okay with (Malaga & Cartagena). My Spanish isn't great but I try to speak the laguage of the country, but in Barcelona they apparently speak catalunyan which is different then spanish by quite a bit ie please in Spanish por fa vor please in catalunyan siv il plais. I love the looks we get from waiters and locals when we attempt to speak their language, but hey at least we try, right? Our first day in Barcelona we saw Montserrat which is this amazing monestary way up in the mountains outside of b-town. The weather was nice- partly cloudy and about 70. The next day however was a different story we woke up to rain and when we got outside it was chilly Perkins. We were determined though and we braved the cold and rain to see park de Guell, la rambla, and the boqueira which is a really cool little marketplace. By the end of the day we were soaked (it never stopped raining). The next day we got up hopped on a train and went to the airport to catch a plane to London. When we arrived in London I was shocked to see sunlight peering through the clouds, as last time I was in England I don't think I saw the sun a single time. We caught the underground in London to our hotel then went straight out and had a very nice picnic right in front of buckingham palace, and yes the queen was in. Our next day in London was quite a whirlwind we went all over the place we did whole walk up the Thames river big Ben st pauls cathedral Tate modern art musuem and finally and the one I was most excited for the British library! I know a library sounds quite nerdy of me but what can i say I'm a die hard nerd at heart. They hold at this library codex alexandrius and siniaticus two major sources of where we get our modern versions of the bible today, it was fascinating looking at these and learning about them- what treasures!!!
Our next stop was Paris.

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