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Day 33-35: Salzburg

5/14 f
5/15 s
5/16 sun

It was a very cold and misty morning on Friday. We rode into town and started making good use of our Salzburg cards (3 day pkg that included free transportation and site admission within the city center). Our first stop was
Mozarts residence and Mozart sound and film collection on the new side of the Salzach river. I didn't know much about Mozart aside from the fact I've played some of his compositions. It was really interesting to walk through the rooms, listen to the audioguide, and watch the documentary.
We walked across one of the bridges and saw our next stop, the
Hohensalzburg Fortress high on the hill.

But first, a couple hours had passed since our breakfast feast at our b&b so of course we were starving. I'd heard about the Alter market on Getreidegasse and found it right away when we crossed onto the old side. Hard to miss-it's the most popular street.

Found the market and grabbed some food and a giant chocolate pretzel.

We made our way up to
Hohensalzburg fortress. Huge place. Great views.

Inside the fortress was the
Fortress museum

And the World of marionettes. Creepy.

Afterwards, we went back down the cable car and detoured to St peters church.

There were catacombs that we couldve climbed up to in the mountain but we were freezing and just too lazy I guess.

Instead, we took a bus (nice and warm!) to the Stiegl Brauwelt.

The place was huge and had lots of displays about the area, the Stiegl family and of course how they make their beer.

After going to their restaurant for our complimentary beer tasting (or drink tasting as you had 3 coupons for .02L of any beverage you wanted) and snagging our free gifts we headed home. I don't know how that place can afford to give away all those free drinks and gifts but whatever, fun times.

We caught the bus back home and Since it wasn't dark yet, explored in the forest.

Then for dinner, We had decided that since we loved the restaurant last night so much we weren't going to mess with a good thing so off we went. We were "those" who documented our dinner. Atleast we didn't take the photos with our food.
Potato soap (creamy and fantastic)

I had Schnitzel

B had Mixed grill

Cream cheese Strudel for dessert.

We lugged our fat selves home. I found a tick on me that night. I blame the forest.

The next day we headed out early to The Hellbrunn Palace and Trick fountains. B was a little skeptical about the "trick" fountains since I couldn't explain to him exactly what we were doing. I honestly didn't know what to expect. A really small bellagio sorta thing?

The grounds were acres and acres but first you had to go with a guide to see the fountains because it was a manually run thing.
The deal was that an archbishop built this palace (1700s maybe) and he was kind of a jokester. He built all these little fountains into the floors, walls, and ceilings to surprise his guests. There was a table in the garden that squirted water up through the bench. One room had a fountain that propelled this crown into the air. Doorways leaked. Floors shot water up It was crazy. We didn't take any pictures because we didn't know when we were going to be surprised. After the tour, we were free to room the other part of the grounds.

When we came back into town we went window shopping and had to step into this shop that losts its marbles over Christmas and Easter decorations.

While we were wandering I spotted it. The "Wurst stand am alter market" that I'd read about. It had just drove in so we killed some time at a hot chocolate shop before finally getting a Bosna (wursts with onions and mustard and curry powder). It was really good minus the onions. We also got a Kase Krainer - cheese sauce baked in it? Also yum!

Right around the corner was the Residenz State Rooms (official apartments of the Salzburg prince archbishops) which was free with audio guides. The rooms were so elegantly decorated. Couldn't imagine living in such a large and ornate place.

Headed back to the b&b and then to dinner. At this point we were loyal customers. I got the best freaking plate ever. Putan sandwich with krauterbutter and salad. I literally exclaimed outloud when I tasted it how good it was and might have teared up. Again, I admit nothing.

The next morning, a city wide marathon was going on and public transportation into the city was nonexistent. We had to drop our bags in storage since we had to check out at 11 but our train wasn't until 1 am. So we took a taxi. Blah, since there was traffic, double the time double the fair. Oh well.
We dropped our bags at the station and walked to. Mirabellgartens. We had fun walking through it and getting lost in all the hedges that kind of formed a maze. Drizzling so no pics.

We checked out the Museum of Nature History and Technology (aquarium, reptile zoo, science center and more) next to get out of the cold. Overrun with kids having a great time. It was crazy but fun. The science center had hands on machines that was cool to tinker with.
Next we took the Monchsberglift to a panaromic terrace overlooking the city. Not too shabby.

We had booked a concert at the Residenz that afternoon so we killed some time at
Mcdonald (had voucher since we used the loo the last couple of days-almost everywhere in Europe charges to use the toilets but this McDs gives you vouchers which was nice) and snacked on a Apfelbrezen (apple pretzel) from a street vendor.

Off to Concert at the residenz. We didn't read the program right and the concert was actually all harpsichord. We wish it had been piano but it was still very neat and probably more accurate to the sound of it's time. Also It was in a really small room but it held the sound well.

Jumped on the Salzach cruise after. Just went down a little ways and back up. I fell asleep for a little bit because it was so slow. At the end they did a little stunt with spinning the boat around.

Of course we made sure to have dinner at our place even though we were in the city. We had 6 more hours to kill.
When we got down there we could see Untersberg mountain which we hadn't been able to since it was so rainy. We wish we could have gone up there (not really because it would have been worse than freezing with just our sweaters). See the summit and cable car ride? Next time.

Had my Putan Sandwich and tea and apple rings. B had traditional wurst and sauerkraut and a banana split. Ah it was perfect. Bye Reiterhof - we will miss you

Had to rush a bit at the end to catch a bus back to the train station so that we could do laundry before they closed. Did laundry and then waited on the platform for a little over an hour for our night train....again.

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